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Interior Stains & Varnishes

Here you will find that we can offer a selection of Stains, Varnishes & Preservatives for whatever the need including protecting garden furniture to re-varnishing a coffee tables.

RUSTINS  "Quick-Drying" CLEAR VARNISH... is a low odour acrylic interior varnish which dries to achieve a hard wearing non-yellowing finish. Suitable for use on wood, cork, MDF and can also be use as a sealer on concrete. Touch dry in 20 minutes means you can apply many coats in a day and is available in options of Gloss, Satin and matt.

RUSTINS "Quick-Drying" COLOURED VARNISH... is essentially the same as the clear version above, other than it is coloured and only available in satin. There are 8 popular wood shades to choose from to help you achieve the look you are after.

RUSTINS WOOD DYE... is a traditional spirit based dye suitable for both interior and exterior wood. There are 12 wood shades available which can be mixed together if required to obtain your own unique colour. For best results it should be overcoated with either a clear varnish, wax or oils to both protect and enhance the final finish.

RUSTINS FLOOR COATING... is a fast drying, hard wearing, non-yellowing clear finish suitable for interior wooden, cork & concrete floors. It is the perfect top coat for where Rustins wood dye has been used to colour a floor. Available in either Satin or Gloss options and touch dry in 20 minutes means you can get the furniture back in the room the same day!

RUSTINS SPECIALIST FINISHES... offer a wide selection of interior finishes and restorers for enhancing the wood inside your home, such as...


Tung, Danish, Worktop, Finishing, Chopping Board, Floor, Linseed Oils.

French, Button, White, Friction, Wax Polishes.


Sanding Sealer, Grain Filler, Wood Bleach & Fillers, Knotting, Scratch Cover, Ring Remover, Surface Cleaner, Finish Reviver, Metal Lacquer.

Brush Cleaner & Restorer, Pure Turpentine, Paint Stripper. 


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