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This page gives an overview of other paints we stock or can obtain, from spray paints to problem solving coatings. 

WRX Spray Paint... is a quick-dry spray paint for interior and exterior use. Desined for use on wood, metal, plastics, ceramics & more. When used correctly WRX produces a very high quality finish and there is an extensive range of colours to choose from.


METAL PAINTS & PRIMERS... we stock products by Hammerite & Rustins

Hammerite  is a "Direct to rust" metal paint formulated to perform as a primer and topcoat in one. It is easy to use, ultra tough, has excellent weather resistance and gives 8 years corrosion protection. 


Rustins we stock several metal paints such as Satin and Matt Black, High Heat Black, Aluminum & Gold Paint and Radiator Enamel. We also stock  Red Oxide & Galvanised Metal Primers.

FLOOR & STEP PAINT... we stock Rust-oleum and Rustins products.

Rust-oleum Floor Coating 7100 is an easy to apply pedestrian grade floor coating for concrete floors older than two years.This floor coating is available from stock in 3 popular shades with others available to order. It has an average coverage of 8 square metres, per litre - per coat when applied correctly and dries in approximatley 6 hours at 20 degrees celcius.


Rustins Step & Tile is a gloss floor paint whilst Brick & Tile is a matt floor paint. Both are suitable for interior or exterior use and when applied correctly will give a durable finsh which will last for many years. Available in a traditional Red Brick shade similar to a red quarry tile and also a gloss finish Black. 

Problem Solving Paint... we offer a selection of these to suit your needs including Stain Blocker, Interior Seal Damp, Anti-Burglar Paint & Metal Primer.

Zinsser have been making Paints & Specialised Primers in the USA since 1849.

If you have a surface to paint that has a problem, be it Water Stain, Graffiti, Fire Damage, Knots, Mould & Mildew, Nicotine Stains, Tannin Bleed,  Zinsser will have a product for it.  123 Primer, BIN Primer, Cover Stain Primer and Perma White Anti Mould.


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