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Union Locks

There are three main union locks we supply.

B-1K11 C Series Battleship Padlock

The 'C Series Battleship' with a close shackle is the ideal padlock for high security applications.

This lock is 6 lever on a key retaining mechanism, key to lock, key to unlock with a hardend steel shackle.

B-1K21 C-Series Cruiser Padlock

The 'C-Series Cruiser'  is a tough padlock otherwise known as the 'Chubb cruiser'.

This lock has a 5 lever mechanism, key to lock, key to unlock, non-key retaining  and hardend steel shackle.

B-1K57A C-Series Hercules Padlock

The Union 'Hercules 1K57' has a verticle sliding shackle which closley fits the staple to minimise the effect of direct attack. 

This lock is CEN6 insurance graded and is used for high security applications.

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